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Tuesday 23rd – Sept – meet at William Powell car park in Banbury at 09-30  (Opposite Morrison’s)

This is a request for anyone who can come along this coming Tuesday to help clear vegetation and lay some ‘Spread & Tread’ along the tow path just South of the Lock at Banbury.  You will be aware that the towpath from the rail station going south towards Tramway is in a pretty overgrown state!  Also when it rains there are many areas where it can get quite muddy and wet.

This Tuesday we have 6 ton of Spread & Tread being delivered to the bridge area opposite Morrison’s supermarket and we shall lay as much as possible along the worst affected areas of the path.  Also we need to cut back about 50mtrs of overgrown brambles, etc that are encroaching across the towpath making it particularly difficult for walkers, cyclists, etc.  Only last week one of our Volunteers managed to steer himself straight into the canal trying to avoid such overgrowth!!

We have a steady ‘band’ of 3-4 members who attend most volunteer days but we would love to see some ‘new faces’.  Last Tuesday we had a great day in the sunshine painting the old iron bridge between Banbury and Kings Sutton.  What used to look really tired and awful is now all bright and shiny!  The vegetation has been cut down approaching the bridge which now allows boaters clear visibility and the whole visibility of the approach is much improved.  Thank you to those BCP Volunteers and to C&RT for their assistance.

We also have some good news in that Banbury Town Council will be coppicing the overhanging willows along the park just south of Tramway, as you may know these trees are huge and if they should fall across the canal it would take some time to clear them away!  Currently at one point branches form the trees overhang half of the width of the canal and touch the water.

So- please do consider coming along this Tuesday, it is certainly our largest undertaking in any one day and it would be great to see some new faces.