About Us

The Banbury Canal Partnership is a joining together of people/organisations with common interests concerning the Oxford Canal, we will initially be concentrating on the immediate area around Banbury and as far as Nell Bridge in the south.

The Partnership is very much in its initial stages but we hope to make progress with volunteer projects and liaise with partner organisations to explore:

  • The benefits that local partnerships can deliver
  • Plans for the expansion of Castle Quay
  • Development of the industrial area below the lock
  • Funding to preserve the heritage on the canal which is in danger of disappearing under redevelopment

Our area of operation is from between The Rock of Gibraltar (Enslow) in the south to and Boundary Bridge 141 (aka Three Counties Bridge) near Claydon in the north.

 Our Vision

To build community engagement, volunteering and ownership to ensure a sustainable future and to improve and preserve our canal for the benefit of all.