Would you join the Towpath Taskforce?

towpath_taskforceSome people moan about the state of the canal system, lack of dredging, leaking locks, crumbling brickwork, collapsing towpaths and declare that THEY should do something about it!

There may be little we can do about the bigger issues but if the opportunity arose would you be prepared to get involved on a voluntary basis? The Canal & River Trust are always looking for volunteers to join their Towpath Taskforce but amazingly, their website doesn’t show any opportunities in the Banbury area!

CRT say  “At present, we do not have an active group of volunteers based within the Banbury area…” but “If a group of volunteers emerges which is willing to undertake some volunteering with CRT in the Banbury area, we would be more than willing to support them.”

Well Guys, could we show them how it’s done?

I know there are boaters out there who have their own anti-litter crusade and encourage others to do the same (Maffi often has something to say about it) but wouldn’t it be so much nicer to have some company while you were doing it?

Are these some things which could be tackled?

  1. Litter Picking from:
    1. Towpath
    2. Hedgerows
    3. Canal
  2. Clearing thorns from towpath left behind after hedge cutting
  3. Painting
    1. Locks
    2. Fencing

Marks & Spencer have encouraged their staff to volunteer with CRT nationally and Maffi reported that they were at work at Langford Lane recently.

So if M & S can do it, could we make a difference in our local area too? See some of our ideas on the Future Plans page.

Check our Upcoming Events in the right sidebar to find out when our next Action Day is, or Contact Us if you want to know more or have ideas of your own.